How is founded and My view on smart phone users' behavior nowadays:

Below is my interview in the form of QA with a local magazine about how I came up with the idea of creating and my views on how people are using their smartphone today.

Cambodia Smartphone Behavior

Q: When was your website founded? What is its purpose? And What value does it provide to its reader?

A: was founded on June 1st, 2011. This site focus on Apple’s iDevice related news such as iPhone, iPad and its operating system: The iOS. In addition, it also provides guidance, usage (hardware/software), tips and tricks including how to restore or update the iOS... etc.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of creating this website?

A: During 2011, Apple had just launched 4 iPhone Model (Original iPhone, 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4). It was clearly getting more popular in our country but those who knew how to use it were few. Maybe because they were not accustomed to the touchscreen, the new os and synchrozing process with iTunes. A case in point, creating an apple id is not that hard but most iphone users turned to 3 party service providers to help them creating one in exchange for a sum of money (~ $5). Seeing that, i decided to create to help educate iphone users.

Q: You facebook page has a lot of like clicked, which shows how popular your website are. Could you share your strategy how to attract attention and support?

A: There is one saying: “It is easy to sell sweet candy”, which means if it is a good product, people will come to it naturally. Our website provides news from a reliable sources and also the guidance post is illustrative and easy to follow. We think this is the reason why people like and share our facebook page to their friends. Of course, initially we also employ other strategies such as banner exchange with famous sites in a short period of time to get attraction.

Q: What makes your page different from others?

A: We only focus on news related to Apple products, which is different from other websites where they would cover many areas such as iOS, Android, PC, sport and entertainment. That is how we differentiate ourself. We only specify on one area, one topic. Besides, our editors have alot of experience with the iOS as we are also the iOS app developers. What we write is clear and reliable... not pure translation without background knowledge.

Q: From which source do you get the news from? Or do you write it by yourself?

A: Most of our news are from foreign sources. Readers can find its original post from the link that we provide at the end of the post. And then they can compare our translation if what we write divert from the original content. Apart from that, especially the guidance, analysis and review posts, we write and research it from scratch or by actually testing it (software/hardware).

Q: What do you think of the attitude of phone users today? How savvy are they with their gadgets?

A: Nowadays, users are getting more and more knowledgeable with their gadgets. They start to study about it by themselves through website and youtube … etc. They can do many things with them than before. But there are new users who does not know well about their gadgets.

Q: Right now, there are a lot of new smartphone model from different brands and os. In your opinion, what points would you considers befor buying?

A: If we are talking about options.... for Apple products, it is easy to choose. The best model is the latest model because Apple only releases 1 or 2 model per year. And the latest one is the one packed with latest technology and features. So it is not that hard to choose but the most important point is money (can you affort it?). For other brands especially the android devices, it is a bit hard to choose. The latest model is not always the best one. Android device has different price point ranking from low to high price and their hardware specs are also different. For android devices, based on my experience, the best model should at least consist of a Quadcore CPU (from Qualcom, Samsung or Texas Instrument) and the RAM should be at least 2GB up for the experience to be smooth.

Q: What are the benefits of using smartphone?

A: It is a way of communication and send/receive news. Nowadays, users can get up to date news fast, and full information everywhere and at any place.... This is due to the low price of internet which is provided by local telecoms.

Q: Getting back at the user behavior, as a user what should we be careful about? because there is always a bad and good side to everything?

A: Spending too much time on it (using smart phone) is not a good thing, especially for teenagers who are addicted to facebook and games (COC, Pirate King, Boom Beach...). When they pay too much attention to it, they will lose opportunity and time to do something else such as studying or hanging out with friends and family.

Q: What are your suggestions for teenagers regarding using smartphone?

A: Please make the most out of it. Take advantage of it. There are a lot of apps which are useful and help to improve the efficiency of the work and study such as book reading apps, todo lists apps with push functionality, health related apps and other apps which help manage your daily life. Take some time to study it and use it to your advantage. Do not spend too much time on games because it will not improve your work skill or knowledge.